Do you know the biggest sources of contamination in offices?

The office is a collective environment. This alone increases the possibility of contamination by diseases such as Coronavirus, which is more easily transmitted in crowded places.

Even with the adoption of preventive measures such as the use of masks, alcohol gel and social distancing, in these places there are still many high-contact surfaces, that is, they are often touched by several


We can cite door handles, handrails, computers and switches as good examples. Even phones and staplers make the list. Studies based on information from the American Society for Microbiology show that around 40% to 60% of office workers can become infected within 4 hours when hygiene measures are not correctly adopted.

Because of this, the disinfection of these surfaces is essential for the well-being and health of the company’s employees.

Germi Rio Pronto Uso is an ideal intermediate level disinfectant for this type of situation. Its packaging in a spray bottle provides cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in just one step.

The smart trigger even lets you choose between spray or foam, according to your needs, without having to rinse.

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Germi Rio® Pronto Uso 750ml