Rio QuímicaRiozyme® 750ml RTU

Riozyme® 750ml RTU

Anionic Surfactant, 4 enzymes.

A multi-enzymatic detergent indicated as a pre-cleaning agent, that keeps the organic load wet for up to 24 hours, preventing blood and tissues from drying and sticking to inner and outer surfaces of surgical, dental, endoscopic and flexible fibroscopic instruments, preventing the blood from drying and adhering onto inner and outer surfaces of surgical, dental, endoscopic, and flexible fibroscopic instruments. Ready to use and bactericide, helps to prevent HAIs at tthe beginning of the cleaning protocol.

Bactericide Action against Pseudomonas aeruginosa;
Staphylococcus aureus;
Salmonella choleraesuis;
Potential of Hydrogen – pH;
Non skin and eye irritant;
Not corrosive;
Pre-Cleaning Humectant;
Prevents Biofilm.

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