Rio QuímicaViraclean


45% Active chlorine.

Viraclean is an intermediate-level disinfectant indicated for surfaces disinfection through the innovative electrostatic spray system. The active, Sodium Dichloroisocyanuric Acid (NaDCC) releases chlorine continuously, it is not toxic and does not scause stains or bleaches on materials and surfaces, which makes it the best chlorine active available in the market for disinfection. Ideal for all Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient clinics.

Optimal Effectiveness.
Reduces Infection Rates.
Terminal Cleaning.
Effectivennes, Safevy, and Agility.
Compatible with a wide variety of materials.
Low Corrosiveness.
Bactericide / Fungicide.
4 days stability After Dilution.
Easy Storage and logística.
Effective Covid-19 Against.

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